Sunday, July 31, 2005

Free your mind!

There is this wonderful thing called mind. Or Brain, if you like the word more as I do. I believe that the cultures and the times that we have lived through, have created a web of learning around our brain which doesn't let it do what it's made for - "thinking". We use too much of our ancestors' experience. I want you to stop for a moment and do some thinking putting aside the conventional wisdom which is hardly a product of our brain. I want to call on all of you to unlearn the things which stop us from learning new things.

I'll need everyone's help here. In fact, instead of being a blog it should be something more like a wikipedia. But, I have to start from here. It is easy and requires least dependency. If the idea grows, I'll move to some other solution.

This blog is in dedication to Feynman. I believe, he was the finest teacher of all time.

Come guys, let's toast for Feynman and freedom!

Manu Garg
"Truth will set you free!"